Learning Portuguese with Memrise

I’ve been working towards having a basic knowledge of European Portuguese for a while now and one of the best tools I’ve found is an app called Memrise.  The app is free and there are two levels of the program, Free and Pro.  Free allows you to learn and review nearly 200 language combinations.  The Pro version includes many other features, including a difficult words mode, a listening skills mode, and a video mode.  I am currently using the free version.

Memrise is based on the science of memory and uses several tools to make language learning easier.  In addition to repetition, which is a common learning tool, Memrise uses “elaborate encoding” which is a fancy way of saying the group similar words together- for instance, colors or foods- and, in some cases use simple memes to help the user remember the word.

Memrise also uses a variety of learning methods to increase the user’s ability to remember.  The creators call this “choreographed testing.”  You’ll run into speed tests, spelling tests and listening tests while using the app.  It keeps the learning process interesting.  Finally, because memories fade over time, older words frequently pop up in your daily lessons.  The combination of learning new words while reviewing older words really seems to work for me.

The app itself is quite user friendly.  The interface is pretty self-explanatory.  There are three basic testing methods- Learn New Words, Classic Review, and Speed Test.  They occur randomly and you simply click on the button at the bottom of the screen.  In this screenshot, the next testing method is Classic Review.

Memrise 4

Within the Classic Review and Learn New Words modes, there are several different ways in which the language is presented.  One method is simply multiple choice.  A word, either in English or in Portuguese is presented to the user and they must select the corresponding translation or word.  For instance, in this screenshot the word in question is “a cell phone.”  The user selects from the 4-6 options.  Once the user selects the word the correct word is highlighted and you hear the word spoken.  The combination of translating the word, seeing it in writing and hearing it spoken is a great way to learn the language.

Memrise 2

In addition to multiple choice, you may be asked to spell the word or you may be presented with a short video clip of a person speaking the word, and you have to decide what the person has said.  This is especially nice because you’re hearing the word spoken by real people and you have to learn the word as it is spoken.

Learning vocabulary is fine, but if you’re going to speak a foreign language, you need to learn to string the words into sentences.  In other words, grammar.  European grammar can be confusing for English speakers. The words don’t quite fall in the same place.  This feature helps you learn grammar in addition to vocabulary.  Here’s a typical screenshot for learning grammar.  Again, once you have completed the sentence, you hear the sentence spoken, so you get the translation, the visual of the sentence and the audio version.

Memrise 3

Memrise is the best language app I’ve found.  So far, I’ve worked through Portuguese 1 and 2, and I’m nearing completion of Portuguese 3.  The last time I looked, the classes went up to Portuguese 7.  I’m a long way from being able to communicate well, but I’m on my way.  Lately, I’ve noticed that I’ve begun translating Portuguese language blogs with some success.  Being able to put the results of what I’ve learned to use is enough of an incentive to keep me using Memrise.




Author: Don Baker

My wife says I make stuff up. While that's probably true I'm going to stick to stuff that's mostly true.

2 thoughts on “Learning Portuguese with Memrise”

  1. I’ve been using it to learn Portuguese too, my sister lives in the Algarve. I had slowed down on practising lately though, but this post and the suggestion of translating Portuguese blogs is a great one. Hopefully this will renew my enthusiasm. Thank you!


    1. So far, it’s the best language app I’ve found. I like the variety and that you learn the sound, spelling and grammar of the language. A lot of apps are just basically vocabulary. This one is quite good.

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