Distant Music, by Lee Langley

Distant Music is a novel by Lee Langley, and is quite unique.  It begins in 15th century Madeira, when a young Catholic woman named Esperança meets a young Jewish man , Emmanuel, and they fall in love.  The story then follows them through the next six centuries, touching on the Age of Discoveries, the Inquisition, a serial murder and a failed love.

I found Distant Music to be quite beautiful love story that does a great job of capturing the uniquely Portuguese feeling of melancholy called saudade, most often translated into English as longing.  The novel also captures the Jewish concept of gilgul, where unfulfilled lives are cycled, or reincarnated through multiple human bodies until their love is fulfilled.

If you’re interested in this book you can purchase it from Amazon at this link.










Author: Don Baker

My wife says I make stuff up. While that's probably true I'm going to stick to stuff that's mostly true.

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